I am Robert, a university student from Germany with a bit too much time recently and quite some thoughts on things I can’t talk about with most people. I study Korean Studies and Sociology, and I am mostly interested in politics, history and society of East Asia with the two Koreas (especially the North) as my main field of study at the moment. But that is, of course, not everything: I am a fairly boring person, and with that I mean that I read a lot. I like literature, but mostly books on history, sociology, philosophy, or just classic German, Chinese and Korean works. I learn the languages of the countries I study with a passion and try to always have an open mind on intercultural exchange.

I will not elaborate any further on my person for now, since the information given are enough to understand what can be expected to be found on this blog. I will, given that I hear or read something interesting I have some thoughts on, write it down here. Most probably, I will not just write about what happens in my life, but maybe it will be possible to extract information on me out of the thoughts I express, specifically when writing about more philosophical topics as opposed to news and the such.

Every source I use, let it be an article on something, I will cite as I would in a thesis and, if possible, link directly. I would like to treat the things I write as coherent little papers, basically. As such, I do not claim to write the absolute truth at all times: I am merely discussing things. I am very aware of the fact that mine is not the only viewpoint and that, especially in politics, philosophy, etc. subjectivity is an important thing to keep in mind. I just write down what I think, what I write down is not what I want everyone else to think.

Since I am German, English is not my first language. I am writing in English because I never use my native tongue when studying what interests me. It just happened to be that I mostly use English when gathering information or talking about the things I will mostly write about in here, just as I write my papers for uni in English and use mostly English sources. I will probably make mistakes and most probably have already done one or two, but I don’t really care that much, which is the reason why I also almost never proofread. In the off chance that someone deeply invested in my work just cannot bear to leave it alone, I welcome you to and, in fact, would appreciate it if you point it out. Some sentences will sound weird, some words will probably not fit properly, but, you know, shit happens.

The same counts for every time you, hypothetical reader, feel like you have anything to add: Feel free to do so.

This is everything I think is necessary for an introduction. More information on me might be added as time goes on, but for now, I feel like this is enough.

Have a nice day.

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